What is Intra Uterine Insemination?IUI is a simple procedure. It is not painful but might be bit uncomfortable. This is a technique where semen preparation is done to get most healthy and progressively motile sperm from the husband and is injected through the cervix into the cavity of the wife’s uterus using a fine tube.

Who are benefitted by IUI?

1) Failed 4 – 6 cycles of ovulation induction cycles (Unexplained subfertility)

2)  Mild male factor problem

3) Minimal to mild endometriosis

4) Sexual dysfunction in a couple

5) Single parent (women)6) Azoospermia(No sperm in husband’s semen sample.Donor semen sample is used)

How many cycles or months of IUI treatment can be done?

It is recommended to try up to 4 to 6 months of treatment.

What is the success rate of IUI?

Typically pregnancy rates are 15% to 20% per cycle, depending on a woman's age, patent tubes, normal semen parameters and duration of infertility.

How many days should husband follow abstinence before he gives semen sample on the day of IUI?

Husband should follow 2-3 days of abstinence before giving semen sample on the day of IUI procedure to get optimum sperm count and quality. Abstinence of less than 2 days and more than 5 days will alter sperm quality and reduces pregnancy chances.

When to give semen sample?

Semen sample should be given on the day of IUI procedure. If double IUI is done than semen sample should be given on both the days of IUI (24 hours apart).

What are the instructions before iui procedure?

Please reach the clinic on time in order to avoid unnecessary delay in the procedure.  Keep enough time free for 2 - 3 hours and try not to be in hurry on the day of IUI. You can have light breakfast / light lunch before you come.  Wife needs to start drinking 2-3 glasses of water one hour prior to IUI procedure. Bladder needs to be just full at the time of IUI procedure. This will help for the procedure to become easier and less uncomfortable to the women. Avoid alcohol, smoking and undue stress and strain for the next 2 weeks.

What to do if husband has difficulty in collecting semen sample?

Semen sample could be frozen as a backup prior to IUI procedure date, if there is difficulty in collecting the semen sample on demand, or if husband will be out of station on the day of IUI.

Can semen sample be collected at home?

Ideally it should be collected at our centre in semen collection room. Semen collection can also be done at home provided if you bring the semen sample within 30 minutes after collection at home.

When is IUI procedure done?

IUI is done around 36-42 hours after HCG injection. At times we do IUI twice in a month, one IUI prior to the ovulation & one IUI after the confirmation of ovulation, approximately 24 hours each apart.

What is the process of IUI?

Typically 5 days of medications are given to be starting from the 2nd or 3rd day of the periods. Internal scan is done between day 9 to day 11 of the periods. The cycle is tracked with ultrasound scan to confirm the best time to perform IUI. HCG Trigger injection is given when the follicle / follicles are mature (>17mm). Couple are asked not to have intercourse from the day of HCG injection. IUI is performed 36-42 hours after HCG trigger injection. After semen collection, semen washing and preparation takes approximately 1 hour. It involves washing and concentrating the normally looking progressively motile healthy sperm and separating them from those that are not healthy immotile sperm. Performing IUI procedure takes 5-10 minutes.  After the IUI procedure, women need to take rest for 15-20 minutes.

What is the success of IUI procedure?

Success rate will be approximately 15%-20% in each month. It is advisable to try at least 3-4 cycles of IUI before you quit IUI treatment. Success will remain same until 4th attempt of IUI. You can take a break of 1-2 months in between the treatment cycles.                                                                                                       Success with IUI will depends upon couple’s age, duration of subfertility, husband’s sperm count and quality, healthy fallopian tubes and many other factors.

Can IUI be done after 40 years?

IUI is usually not the optimal treatment for women over the age of 40, in whom low success rates do little to offset the race against time. IVF is preferable in such cases.

What are the chances of having multiple pregnancies?

There is a risk that you may release more than one egg, leading to multiple pregnancies. For this reason, if it looks likely that you may release more than three eggs, we will advise that treatment should be cancelled in that cycle.

What are the complications with IUI procedure?

Some women may experience mild cramping; therefore you may take Tab Dolo 650, if required. There can be small chance of infection (1 %). You may experience some spotting or light bleeding after the insemination, which is normal. 10% risk of multiple pregnancy and very small risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.

What if it does not work?

Even after trying 4 to 6 cycles of IUI are unsuccessful, couple needs to consider further treatment options like InVitro Fertilisation (IVF/ICSI).  At the same time we still encourage couple to try naturally as some lucky women do conceive naturally even after 4- 6 failed cycles of IUI.

When should you do the pregnancy test?

Pregnancy test needs to be done 2 weeks from the IUI date.

What are the instructions after IUI procedure?

Women can carry on routine work as before. She can do regular activities as usual like household work, walking, driving, sex, travel, going to work. Women can go to office / work on the same day immediately after the IUI procedure. We advise to have sex the same night of IUI procedure (if possible, especially when the count is less).

Do women need to take bed rest?

There is no need for complete bed rest or taking off from the work. You can have normal life as usual.

Are there any dietary restrictions?

There are no dietary restrictions. Eat healthy diet as usual.

What are the activities to be avoided after IUI procedure?

Avoid strenuous activities, aerobics, gym, running, skipping, and any thumping exercises for the next 2 weeks after IUI. 

Should I continue folic acid and multivitamin medication?     Continue previous regular medications as usual like folic acid, multi vitamins, calcium or thyroid medication (if you are already taking).

When to start progesterone medications?

You can start oral natural progesterone tablets or micronized vaginal progesterone capsules from the day of IUI for next 15 days as advised by the doctor.

When to do home urine pregnancy kit test?

Urine pregnancy test by using home pregnancy kit should be done 15 days after IUI procedure. 

What to do if the Urine pregnancy test is positive?

If the urine pregnancy test is positive or doubtful, get blood test done nearby (serum B HCG) and consult the doctor with blood test results. Continue all same medications as before including progesterone.

What to do if the Urine pregnancy test is negative?

If the urine pregnancy test is negative, stop progesterone capsules and need to wait for 7 days for the periods to happen. Continue other medicines like folic acid and Thyronorm or multivitamin tablets if you are taking before.

What to do if periods happen?

If periods happen, you can visit doctor on the 2nd or 3rd day of the periods. You need a scan to see if there are any cysts in the ovaries before restarting the treatment. You can take a break from the treatment for a month or two if you wish so. 

What to do if fever, cough, cold or flu like medical symptoms happen?

You can meet physician for non-gynaecological reasons nearby in case of fever, cough or cold. Inform the doctor regarding taking fertility treatment and the chance of getting pregnant in this month. In case of pain and fever, it is safe to take Tab Dolo 650 (Paracetamol), one tablet 3 times a day. Constipation and bloating can happen with the progesterone capsules. Drink plenty of fluids and eat enough salads to overcome constipation.