Success Stories

During our first visit itself with Dr.BASAVARAJ, after reviewing the bunch of conceded reports of US. We were given a kind of pleasant hope there is quite possibility with IVF procedure. This advice had given us further more assurance and best practice being followed by the doctor. At his centres particularly with Dr.BASAVARAJ almost importance was given to our comfort and treatment was started.       At the last, was Dr.BASAVARAJ never minded to take scan at our convenient places, so this makes a life belief in all the ways?              Finally I am very thankful to Dr.Basavaraj.

DR.KARIBASAPPA February 16, 2018

It is a pleasant time now but the journey to reach here was hard, emotional and even sad sometimes. You never let us leave our hope anytime and thank you sir to be with us all along.              Will see you with our little one soon. Thank you,


We thank our stars that somehow, by chance we got to know about you. Your extremely positive attitude and confidence gave us the much required boost in our most difficult and desperate times. Thankfully following your advice, things fell into place and are going smooth. Your attitude has not only helped us will realising our dream but, also we have learnt to believe in things and be positive. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts (and from our Families too).   Hoping to see you again with the baby

SHIVANI & ANKUR February 16, 2018

We both are really glad that use got a doctor such as you who made sure use are doing everything what we needed to do. Trying for baby through medical treatment is emotional stress, but we felt very comfortable through this journey because of your guidance. You are very polite and approachable person which made it easy for us. From the depth of our hearts. THANK YOU SO MUCH   .   Would come and meet you with the baby.


Thank you for all the support for bringing us to this milestone! You have been very approachable, professional considerate journey, supportive throughout the challenging journey. You always greeted us with a smile and were very patient in answering the questions. Your experience abroad high qualifications and skills are also commendable. We are very thankful to God for giving such a wonderful doctor!  All the best for your future endeavours we will surely be in touch.                                                                                                                                 Warm Regards

Liju and Raju February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor,                                 We are very thankful to you for helping us get to this stage. I am extremely relieved and happy and excited to experience motherhood. Thanks for being here during hard times and bearing with all my confusion regarding IVF. I had read very habitant about the procedure. Thank you for being patient and supportive all through.                                                                                                                                                                                    Had I known that this was a very simple procedure I wouldn’t have delayed it for a day. None the less I am satisfied glad and feel very happy about my decision of choosing IVF and more so choosing you to conduct it.                                                                                                                                       Thanks a lot…

Ayesha February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor,                                 Thank you so much for brining happiness to our life. After struggle of long time we met you and satisfied with the result. You are very professional and accurate in the work and very humble some time. Feel very comfortable discussing perform with you. We feel very lucky to consult you. We are thankful to GOD that we could me great doctor like you.                                                                                       We always remember you. “THANKS” is not enough to express our feelings.   God bless you sir…………………….!                                                  Thank you...

ANJANA & GIRISH February 16, 2018

Dear Dr Basavaraj…..,                                                 Doctors know their medicine well. But what makes you different is the extra care you have taken. I may never be able to describe in words how grateful I am to you. After this long two years wait, we have got to a big milestone in our lives and I believe it’s because of you. I have learnt two things from you in these last 2years, the first thing is patience and the second is humility. Jay and I truly advise your humility you are a great doctor and a great human being.  As I tell everyone, “My doctor is a good doctor, a great gentlemen”!                 LOTS OF BEST WISHES

SMRITI & JAY KUMAR February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor..,                                 This being any 2nd IVF cycle and other cyst related problems, I was very apprehensive while changing the doctor and approaching your, especially with not so good experience with my previous doctor in the 1st cycle. However after talking to you and knowing your approach, it helped me a long way in getting over May worries and giving this exercise a fresh start with positive approach. I would  appretiate the patience with which you used to hear out to all my doubts in each of the consultation and lot of hopes that you extended at every stage of the procedure although things didn’t seen that favourable. I am also thankful to the fact that you were always available / accessible to the fact whenever then was an emergency or need to connect with you. Heart full thanks for giving us those precious moments in life, looking forward to meet you again in 2016 with our bundle of joys. With lots of good wishes

Sahana and satvik February 16, 2018

Dear Dr. Basavaraj… Before coming to you, we had been trying to concieve for almost 2years. Even we had undergone IUI cycle and driving surgery. We visited you with dr shobha venkat’s recommendation and felt really confident after meeting you. We had a wonderful experience and really appreciate the first that you informed us of the success rate and stein kept us positive of the result. We are really excited about our first baby and thank you for your patience in answering questions and prescribing the ideal medicine for leave. You have been our lucky claim... With best regards...

Balaraj and soumin. February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor, Thank a lot for your guidance support and encouragement. We came to you with lot of baggage and anxiety but your calm and compassionate personality was a blessing. Today we are proud parents. Thank you very much…

Gandhar & Dhanashri February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor, Thanks a lot for the support guidance and encouragement, the positives given, based on the previous history of our case, we are so worried, but the way given the possessiveness is awesome. Thanks a lot to Dr.mrudhula reddy, who suggested your consultation. Thank you very much.

Suresh kumar jetti February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor, Thank you for all support and taking us to this point. When we came to you with lot of hope and anxiety seek your assistance for 2nd child. Today looking back at this journey, it couldn’t be possible without your support dedication and expertise. Also your humbles has really touched our heart. Thanking you once again, No words to explain Wishing you all the best. May god bless you

MEGHA & GANESH February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor,                                 It’s been a long journey that we were waiting for kinds. There were so many ups & downs in our path until we reach you. With all your relentless support and continuous guidance, we have overcome the entire problem and finally closed to the parenthood. I / We never forget you in our life and always are grateful for priceless git that we would be getting soon. We I felt that I will go through with the painful procedure but I never experienced such a warm & affectionate support from you. THANKS A LOT                                                                                                     

SUHASIMI AND PHANI February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor,                                 Thank you so much for your support and patience. “Thanks” is small ward to express our feeling. We feel it’s a god gift, meet you. We are very grateful to you for continuous support that has been given to us during this process explaining each and our entire family is so grateful to you for the priceless gift. You are always greeted us with smile even we are keep disturbing you with questions though SMS and CALLS. Thank you once again for the support for bringing us to this milestone. We have been trying with other doctors from 4 years. We got succeeded in the first attempt with you. We will keep in touch and wants to recommend my friends and families to approach you for any infertility problems.            We never forget you in our life. Thank you….,

SATISH & JYOATHIRMAYI February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor,                                 HI, I am 35 years old and we didn’t have baby for about 5years of our marriage. I have a living angel now and she’s about 2 years now and now I got conceived again.  Both of our pregnancies are through IUI done by the doctor. During my 1st visit to doctor, I felt very happy to see such a nice person, Doctor took our case very easily and figured out the reason step by step. Doctor explains to our queries and clarifications very nicely which made us to “believe” in the doctor. He’s the BEST doctor in Bangalore (world) in my experience. During IUI appointments even if it falls on Sunday early morning, he’ll happily come and do it. Have never seen such a great person in my life. For me and our family he’s a LIVING GOD….! Even for all/everyone who’s longing for babies……..! He’s really a creator of human beings…………   God bless him and his family in all ways…!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much doctor and your family for giving their time to create happiness in other life……

THILAKA February 16, 2018

 DR.BASAVARAJ is very pleasant person to meet at the same time he is of no non-sense type. Instead of doing everything from scratch doctor diagnosed the issues faced by me in 2 visits before that we have total doctors for about 2 years without any improvement in the condition.                 Doctor Basavaraj is highly recommended. It seems really like a farewell moment. Thank you so much doctor

Vikram & Deepika February 16, 2018

Hi am sandeep 30yrs old and we didn’t have baby for 3 years. I have been tested several times and found having a problem. Then we consulted Dr.Basavaraj who had been a pleasure to meet a gave us lots of confidence by explaining the medical procedures available for my kind of problem. With the help of TESA/ICSI my wife is 3months pregnant now and I have no words to explain how much happy I am. I really thankful Dr.basavaraj  who had been an angel that brought the hope and ray of light to my life. We highly recommend Dr.Basavaraj D.                                                                 Thanks a lot Doctor

Sandeep and kiranmayi. February 16, 2018

It is our immense pleasure to thank our doctor Dr.BASAVARAJ. We have been trying for a 2nd baby for a long time. We have seen various doctors, by GOD grace we got the reference to meet to Dr. D BASAVARAJ. It was a big turning point in our life. Sir, u has given lot of confidence and kindness throughout our treatment. U have exhibited in our mind that “Believing is everything” we carefully follow-up your treatments, advice and suggestions. Now we are blessed with a baby and in good health. We express our thanks, gratitude and affection to you. We wish your good services to spread across the world, and the people who are in need should benefit from that. Thanks a lot………….!!!!!!

M.sekar s. vanitha February 16, 2018

I am Hima bindu 34yrs old after 7years of marriage life I got conceive for the 1st time with the help Dr.BASAVARAJ(IUI). He’s a very sweet doctor and this is my 1st IUI, 1st attempt and he made it quite successful and I am in to 3rd month, if they are any complications issues with my health will meet the doctor and the confidence given by him, which helped me lot to overcome the issues and he diagnose  very thing accurately. He is the best doctor u gives us confidence comfort and courage, who made us to believe us. THANKS DOCTORS FOR EVERYTHING WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN TO US.

HIMA BINDU February 16, 2018

HI doctor We Kalpana and Prashanth , they were trying for baby more than 3yrs and consulted  many doctors all most all suggested to go for IVF , but Dr.BASAVARAJ sir made it so simple without any IVF, just he suggested to reduce weight. I go up conceived in 2nd try. We never forget Dr.BASAVARAJ ‘s motivation and caring. We always thankful to you sir. WE NEVER EVER MET SUCH A GREAT PERSON THANKS A LOT SIR.

Kalpana and Prashanth February 16, 2018

Hi doctor                 I VENKATARATNAMMA and my husband are very thankful to Dr.BASAVARAJ.  we were trying for a baby for 1 ½ years and we consulted fertility specialist before as well, but the care and affection we received from Dr.BASAVARAJ his not comparable, he took almost care and responded all over quarries with patience’s at the time when he is busy and if some of the his colleagues attending the scan or procedure, he used to call us and get updated, which was really a surprises and I was really happy. I still remember the confidence that he when he met him for the 1st time and explanation about the procedure precautions and complications advantages. We are the happy couples now and travelling abroad. We are expecting the June 2016 and we would like meet again with our baby, we are really very thankful for the care you have shown for our family. Thankful……!!!!!!

RATNA AND NAVEEN. February 16, 2018

  Dear Sir,                 We have no words to explain our pleasure; you make our life with a great success. We tried in so many places for our baby last 8 yrs. We had gone IVF in other places, you have done one and it’s a miracle, your guidance and confidence really awesome. If we say “THANK YOU” it’s not enough we will remember you in our entire life. We are happy to meet with a great person like you YOU ARE THE BEST THANK YOU EVER MUCH TO GIVES US SMILE:::J:))))))))

Ranjit and Meena February 16, 2018

Dear sir, We are very thankful to Dr.Basavaraj we consulted him 5 months above he suggested for the natural birth we took his advice and she conceived naturally. Early we had 2 miscarriage, but this time it’s was all fine. Thanks for the guidance to Dr.BASAVARAJ. WE will always thankful to DR.BASAVARAJ.

Rukmini and sujith. February 16, 2018

Dear sir, You made our life meaning full, we have no words to say, u have been very polite and transparent in case of clearing any doubts your helpful very time whenever we trouble you, and I say I have disturbed you a lot, whenever I have doubts even silly but you have responded very gently and quickly that gives we always a clarity. I remember when I visited  for 1st time you have told we have to try for 1year but you have helped us to succeed in 2nd month itself, Thanks to you. Thanks will not be a sufficient word to revert for back what you did in our life. My entire family will be thankful to for the miracle which you did in our life. You have lightened my life. Thanks a lot.

Abitha February 16, 2018

Respected Sir,                 Having a child is every couple dream. When things don’t work out, one sees to realize its importance even more. We consider ourselves lucky to have met Dr.BASAVARAJ, and being able to be under his care. He has been very considerate and attentive to our problems and concerns he had made us more assured and bring us relief during the course of the treatment. It’s important that you trust your doctor during the course of the treatment. Our trust in you have grown. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, knowing very well the different that’s you have made to our world,                                                                            

KIRAN AND NEELIMA February 16, 2018

Dear sir,                 I want to share our experience in this long journey we had which fortunately was made very fast and easy by you. I still remember we first met you and started treatment. You had been very systematic and  politely treated us. We were in a hurry and didn’t brother and went ahead His someone else wasting our precious 2 years. When we realized and came back we found you to be accepting his as early. You took the whole process very systematically informing is that every step and finally we are successful. I still remember when my wife was getting in to depression. You took care of going ahead and consulting and bringing back. Thanks once again for all your help and support and are your efforts towards making in parents Thanks………..

NIMESH AND RUCHI February 16, 2018

Respected Dr.Basavaraj Sir,                                                        We are very thankful for the support which you have provided to both of us since the time we started visiting you. Though I have almost lost all my hopes of getting pregnant with all my complications. But to was your faith hope and treatment that gave me and my husband new hope and finally am carrying now. Thank you sir for all the patience and support you have shown during the treatment. The best part of your treatment u never imposed any treatment rather you educating me about the treatment and made me to take my own decision.

KIRAN. February 16, 2018

Doctor, I do remember the 1st day visit to you, You explained everything that helped us understand everything and this has been instrumental in building our confidence. You were best in counselling and not a heavy prescription witter off that we felt very connected to you thanks you a lot.

AMITH February 16, 2018

Dear sir,                 We are very happy and thank full to you to sir, at this stage of pregnancy. As we tried a lot to have a child from so many years at last we achieved and our dream come true. The 1st day when we both met and the way you treatment suggested and guided to us was very good. Your simplicity and the way you treated was excellent sir.  At last we are very happy and very thankful to you.

Manjunath and Hemalatha February 16, 2018

Dear sir, We have been childless for more than 6 years, consulting many doctors doing many procedures, eventually one doctor recommended us to consult other hospital. I consulted Dr.Basavaraj against the doctors recommendation. I decided to go with Dr.Basavaraj. When I took back this was the wonderful decision that I ever made. Right from the beginning Dr.Basavaraj very patient explaining all the treatment procedure very clearly, we can ask any questions he answers. I feel like talking to a friend. He never asks us to do unnecessary tests. Within 7 months of treatment my wife got conceived. Dr.basavaraj his treatment is just amazing. He always speaks positively even I ask some procedures IVF he would say that is not required. His hospital just amazing good ambience and process. I am eternally grateful to Dr.Basavaraj and thank you very much doctor for brings happiness in our life.

Francies and Amala February 16, 2018

Dear Doctor,                                 We are really very happy and I would say words won’t be enough to express our happiness which you have given us by giving us this special moment to enjoy. We will never forget your favour which you have done to us. We will always remember you in our prayers. Once again thanks you for this happiness. Keep doing the good work and people will keep blessing you. Wish you luck                                                                                                                                      Thanks

Megh and Neha. February 16, 2018

Nalmeya hrudhayavantha vydhyaradha sreeyutha basavaraj ravarige hrudhya poorvaka vandanegalu. Aadhagi namma dampatya jeevanadalli hosa ashakiranavannu moodisi namagu nammadondu jeevanada kudi nammondige idhe endhu thavugalu thorisikottiddiri. Ee namma balinalli sada nagumogadinda namma naduve devaru karunisida chithanyavannu yavagalu adara moolaka nimmannu kanithirutheve .

Gowrava vandanegalu, Bhagya nanjundeshwara. February 16, 2018